June 5th – 30 Day Reading Challenge Update

So. Yesterday, June 4th, I may or may not have not finished a book. I am such a disappointment! I will attempt to double up today, or tomorrow, but it won’t count as the day I missed. School is catching up with me, especially since it’s the end of the year, so it’s hard to juggle all of this at once. I will still be continuing the challenge and encourage you to do the same.

At the moment, I am buddy reading a book names Finding Audrey by: Sophie Kinsella. Aside from the other eight books I am reading (it’s safe to say I am in a reading slump), I am also reading yesterday’s book, Burned by: Ellen Hopkins, which I will try and finish tomorrow (I am all over the place). I am 96% done with We Are the Ants by: Shaun David Hutchinson, a.k.a. June 18th’s read. I know. So much for having an organized system. I will update the reading order as I go!

Stay informal,



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