Hi everyone!

Hope your 4th of July was swell! I for one had a very interesting day. I did take a lot of pictures throughout my holiday at Block Island, Rhode island. If you would like to see those, you can check them out at my photography Instagram: @TheLifeOfArtists .

I wanted to post this during the holiday, but I ended up staying on an island that has very bad reception and zero WiFi.

Last month’s reading challenge did NOT go as planned. I missed a bunch of days in a row, especially the last week of the month. I wanted to start again this month, but I am actually busier than expected this summer. Perhaps, next month will not be as hectic and I can begin a new and more productive challenge.

Starting at the end of last month, I began volunteering at my local library. It is the absolute perfect job for a book lover like me. This is also the excuse of why I could not do better on the monthly reading.

I have decided that I will post around once a week. I did TRY daily when I opened this blog up, but it is a bit too much to handle at the moment, therefore once a week will have to do.

I have updated the reading I did last month. If you would like to follow me on my journey, you can also friend me on goodreads where most of my reading activity takes place.

I would love to hear how everyone’s 4th of July was! If anyone has made any reading goals this month, comment them below. I love reading others’ personal challenges, whether they are book related or not.


Hope you have a great day!

Stay informal,




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