No I am not dead.

For the few followers that I have, in case you were wondering, no I am not dead. I really do not have an excuse for my leave of absence, so lets try and leave off where we were.

Lately, I have been reading less and less more books. I am really trying to murder my TBR, but either laziness or lack of motivation is stopping me from doing so. At the moment, I am actively reading “Windfall” by: Jennifer E. Smith. I am enjoying it so far. I have never read a book that had to do with winning a lottery or that has a theme similar to “money cannot buy everything.”

I am buddy reading this with a friend, so it may take a while longer to read, but it gives me time to focus on my reading slump.

Here are the books I am reading and the lame excuses I could come up with:


  • “The Shining” by: Stephen King– No excuse really…. just its length maybe? Really love the story though so I do not see why I am holding back.
  • “All the Light We cannot see” by: Anthony Doerr– I am not a crazy historical fiction girl. I rarely read these books and it is taking me QUITE some time to adjust to this one. I am also waiting for the audio book version on OverDrive….
  • “Have a Nice Day (Anna Bloom, #2) ” by: Julie Halpern– I have completely been lazy. I have been listening to so many audio books alone that I have become accustomed to them. Now, reading a whole book seems like a tedious task to me! That hurts to say.
  • “Juvie” by: Steve Watkins– Another lazy read for me. I also am not enjoying this book quite too much. Especially since i started reading it through a CD audio book and the voice went SUPER slow. I am planning on re-reading this from the physical book to get the real feel for it.
  • “Burned” by: Ellen Hopkins– I have no complaints about this one. I pick it up whenever I can. Car rides, airplane trips, waiting rooms. Really when I don’t have technology to distract me.
  • “City Girl, Country Vet (Talyton St George, #1)” by: Cathy Woodman– Same excuse as above. This book is one I have been wanting to read for a while and I am really liking it so far.
  • “Fangirl” by: Rainbow Rowell– Okay, this one is a legitimate excuse. I was listening to the audio book on OverDrive and my loan time ran out. Let me say that I had this book on hold for approximately 4 months. Way to waste your 21 loaning period Aishah…..
  • “A Dog’s Purpose (A Dog’s Purpose, #1) ” by: W. Bruce Cameron– Read the paragraph above…..
  • And last, but definitely not least….” Windfall” by: Jennifer E. smith– Not currently part of my reading slump. Just waiting on a friend to return from her vacation to continue reading along.


Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen. A full list of excuses of why I haven’t been reading. I really want to stay on top of this blog. I want to be truthful when I say I will post once a week.

For now, this is all I have. Till next time loyal friends!

Stay informal,





Hi everyone!

Hope your 4th of July was swell! I for one had a very interesting day. I did take a lot of pictures throughout my holiday at Block Island, Rhode island. If you would like to see those, you can check them out at my photography Instagram: @TheLifeOfArtists .

I wanted to post this during the holiday, but I ended up staying on an island that has very bad reception and zero WiFi.

Last month’s reading challenge did NOT go as planned. I missed a bunch of days in a row, especially the last week of the month. I wanted to start again this month, but I am actually busier than expected this summer. Perhaps, next month will not be as hectic and I can begin a new and more productive challenge.

Starting at the end of last month, I began volunteering at my local library. It is the absolute perfect job for a book lover like me. This is also the excuse of why I could not do better on the monthly reading.

I have decided that I will post around once a week. I did TRY daily when I opened this blog up, but it is a bit too much to handle at the moment, therefore once a week will have to do.

I have updated the reading I did last month. If you would like to follow me on my journey, you can also friend me on goodreads where most of my reading activity takes place.

I would love to hear how everyone’s 4th of July was! If anyone has made any reading goals this month, comment them below. I love reading others’ personal challenges, whether they are book related or not.


Hope you have a great day!

Stay informal,




2 more days! 2 more days of suffering with school finals! Then summer vacation! 

Does anyone have any plans over the summer? Early July, I will be going to visit my family in Dominican Republic. Only for about a week though. Then, I will be heading to my aunts house in Spain and probably travel a bit in Europe. I’ll end my vacation in my other aunts house in Florida. Can’t wait! I do most of my yearly traveling over the summer, and it’s great.

 Hope you guys will enjoy yours!

Stay informal,



Wow. It’s been a while. How is everyone doing? I myself, am trying to post this without falling asleep. I guess it is the final exams, and studying, and 50 lbs of homework I am bringing home everyday, but I have been struggling to keep my eyes open for the past week and a half. Hence, why I have not posted or updated the reading challenge. 

About that, I completely missed two days in a row! I really hope I can finish today’s book, I have packets, and packets of final exam reviews to complete. I’m trying not to take this challenge TOO seriously or else I’ll stress myself with that too! For now though, I’m trying to read as much as I can until June 23rd when I am free from learning prison and have all the time in the world to indulge myself in books.

It is 95 degrees Fahrenheit right now! 95! It never gets that warm where I live. A couple weeks ago, I’d be surprised if it were in the high 80’s this summer. It is too hot though. I’m not sure if I am the only one, but I cannot stand intense heat like this. All I want to do is stay inside where there is air conditioning and unlimited supply of water. During the winter, I yearn for the summer, and during the summer, I can’t wait for the winter. Anyone else have this issue?

Well, I better get to reading!

Stay informal,


June 5th – 30 Day Reading Challenge Update

So. Yesterday, June 4th, I may or may not have not finished a book. I am such a disappointment! I will attempt to double up today, or tomorrow, but it won’t count as the day I missed. School is catching up with me, especially since it’s the end of the year, so it’s hard to juggle all of this at once. I will still be continuing the challenge and encourage you to do the same.

At the moment, I am buddy reading a book names Finding Audrey by: Sophie Kinsella. Aside from the other eight books I am reading (it’s safe to say I am in a reading slump), I am also reading yesterday’s book, Burned by: Ellen Hopkins, which I will try and finish tomorrow (I am all over the place). I am 96% done with We Are the Ants by: Shaun David Hutchinson, a.k.a. June 18th’s read. I know. So much for having an organized system. I will update the reading order as I go!

Stay informal,


30 Day Challenge Reads – June

June 1st – DNF

June 2nd – Asylum, By: Madeleine Roux

June 3rd – Girl Online, By: Zoe Sugg

June 4th – DNF

June 5th – We Are the Ants, By: Shaun David Hutchinson

June 6th – Girl Online: On Tour, By: Zoe Sugg

June 7th – Finding Audrey By: Sophie Kinsella

June 8th  – Have a Nice Day, By: Julie Hapern

June 9th – Frost Blood By: Elly Blake

June 10th – Every Exquisite Thing, By: Matthew Quick

June 11th – DNF

June 12th – DNF

June 13th – The Memory Book By: Lara Avery

June 14th – DNF

June 15th – DNF

June 16th – Before I Fall, By: Lauren Oliver

June 17th – Catching Fire, By: Suzanne Collins

June 18th – Deenie, By: Judy Blume + A Corner of the Universe By: Ann M. Martin

June 19th – Hungry, By: H.A. Swain + 13 Little Blue Envelopes, By: Maureen Johnson

June 20th – The Maddie Diary, By: Maddie Ziegler

June 21st – Will Grayson, Will Grayson, By: John Green

June 22nd – DNF

June 23rd – DNF

June 24th – DNF

June 25th – Moonwalking with Einstein, By Joshua Foer

June 26th – DNF

June 27th – DNF

June 28th – DNF

June 29th – DNF

June 30th!! –DNF


If any of you would like to join me in this challenge, comment below! I just finished reading The Memory Book by: Lara Avery, and will soon be starting Burned by: Ellen Hopkins. You can participate in the challenge with books of your choice. Either way, I would love to hear how everyone’s progress is going and the books you hope to read. Do not take this challenge too seriously, as I have already missed the first day of the month! Just have fun with it! Good luck!


Stay Informal,


30 Day Reading Challenge?

Greetings! As you can see by the title, starting on June 1st, I personally made a goal to read one book a day this whole month. Now to be fair, I started May 29th, but I will not be counting that of course. I also totally butchered June 1st because I was unable to finish the book! All in all, this challenge is going just swell. If any of you would like to join me, please feel free to do so! Comment books you will like to read and ones you have in common with me, we could talk about it as we read. Shortly, I’ll post a list of the books I will (and have) read this month.

It is safe to say that is one of my unhealthy addictions. If any of you have not heard of OverDrive, it is basically an app/website where you can borrow e-books, audio books, and videos just like your local Library. You actually have to connect your library card to your account to activate it and personalize the books you can borrow according to your libraries e-zone catalog.

All of the books I will be reading this month either come from my local library, or I sincerely recommend you guys to download this app, because it not only saves you time, but money as well. (I am not affiliated with this company.)

What is your goal this month? It is good to set goals for yourself every once in a while. Whether it is one to be accomplished in a week, month, or year, setting goals can really boost up your confidence and personality. Make them simple. Choose a goal you normally would do, but challenge yourself a step further.

Stay Informal,