This is Me.

Hello humans and welcome to the newly opened blog, InformalMee. Let me introduce myself. I am Aishah, and I have zero experience with blogging! Great. Now that we have that down, let’s go more in depth. I am a teenager who is still attending high school and hopes to pursue her complicating dreams. Some of my hobbies include: Traveling, taking pictures, playing sports, snail mailing, writing, reading, talking about things that usually don’t make sense when they escape my mouth, gaming, watching TV series, and drawing.

What will I be posting on this blog? Well, what I am trying to convey when making this blog, is not only the events that go on in my life and the things I adore, but what you love and do as well. I think it is important to share things you would not normally share publicly in a safe and anonymous way if you please to do so.

Hopefully, this blog site will not get as messy as my actual life is! I intend on posting photographs, current moods, feelings, trashy thoughts (not necessarily negative) book reviews, craft ideas, snail mail, really anything I would enjoy doing in my free time that I would love to share with the rest of you.

Now as I said, I am new at this whole blogging world, therefore, cut me some slack if I A) don’t interest you or B) don’t post regularly. Then again, if I do not interest you, you can just as easily move on and click away because no one is forcing you to read this. Or at least I hope not!

I think that’s enough cringyness for today.

Stay Informal,