The Art of Starving review

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.”

Melody Beattie



Good Morning! I hope everyone’s day is starting out just right, if it’s not, hang in there, it only gets better from here.

Here is my review of The Art Of Starving, by: Sam J. Miller:

Well. That was unexpected. I wanted badly to enjoy this book because I love other books just like it, LGBTQ+ / Mental illness. Something about it though made the process of reading it dreadful and long. It was not a bad read at all, I think it was just… odd. I can’t put my finger on it…

It could be the fact that he had super powers and his thought process through it all. I’m not the biggest fan of fantasy so that might be the cause of my low rating. If not, then it was the plot line. I feel as if there was no real substance to the story. Yes I understand the ending and why it occurred, but the other nonsense in between seemed useless.

Originally, I was going to give this a 3 Star, then I switched to giving it 3 stars, but reviewing it as a 2.5. I finally decided on rating it a 2/2.5. Sometimes, when I rate books low, I think about re-reading just to see if I missed something, but with this one, I don’t have the motivation to go through it all again.

Of course this is just one mind and one opinion, and many other reviews and ratings contradict my reflection, but this is how I felt throughout this novel.

Even with all this being said, I did stop and think about some things said in this story. Some concepts were interesting to look at from a struggling teenage boy’s point of view. With this, I probably (probably being emphasized) would recommend this to particular people, but to a general point, if asked if they should read this I would say no. Again, this is just me being blunt and honest. I respect everyone else’s opinions/reviews and am aware that others may think differently.

Stay informal,